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Ordering a Net

How It Works

Fill Out the Form

Fill out and submit the request form below. 

Confirm Your Specs

We'll reach out to confirm your specs and answer any questions you might have.

Go Fishing

Our production process takes roughly six weeks; our nets are built to last for decades.




The Details

Always Local, Always Quality

Our fly fishing nets are constructed from the best locally-sourced hardwoods and crafted by hand from start to finish.

Unique from Day One

Each of our nets begins with a hoop design that's developed entirely in-house and informed by years of fly fishing. From there, we craft handle patterns to suit an array of situations and applications. 

While we use patterns for all of our nets, the hand shaping and finishing process means that every net we make is also piece-unique.

Graceful Aging Through Use and Care  

Our selection of hardwoods have been picked for its durability and natural rot-resistant properties. When fused together, the fibers become stronger than their parts and result in a net that will last for years. 

Use these simple care guidelines to ensure your net has a long and storied life. 

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